Creating Dynamic Offices for Flexible Work
Client Beacon Capital Partners
Location Chicago, IL
Size 33,000 SF
Project Type Spec Suite

Variety Show

Unleashed by technology, people today want the flexibility to work anywhere in the office, and especially in spaces fine tuned to the task at hand. To accommodate this need, we designed a floorplan with more options than the typical workstations and conference rooms. People can choose from a variety of spaces designed to enhance focus, encourage collaboration, or support long periods of work. And because the floorplan is so open, everyone can enjoy city views.

Furnished for Success

To create a dynamic work experience, you need more than diverse spaces. A variety of furniture is important, too. Each piece we selected serves a specific purpose, whether that’s encouraging conversations, offering comfort for heads-down work, or adding an energetic, social vibe. And even though the types of furniture are varied in function, we created a consistent aesthetic by choosing furniture that feels tailored and sophisticated.

Inspire by Design

What’s another way to attract people to an office? Create a modern yet inviting aesthetic with design elements that feel special. At 303 East Wacker, these include an entry way with antique mirror glass walls complemented by a watercolor-inspired wallcovering. Another design highlight in this sophisticated space is linear lighting, which adds dimension.