Opening Up the Office for Energy and Efficiency
Client Undisclosed
Location Chicago, IL
Size 140,000 SF
Project Type Corporate Headquarters

Easy Access for All

By minimizing private offices and dedicating that square footage to collaborative areas and open work zones, we gave people more access to the right spaces and resources for their daily activities. Additionally, we located groups with similar business functions near one another. These tactics improved efficiencies in the workflow and boosted employee satisfaction with the space.

Enhanced Wayfinding

To make it easy for people to navigate the space, we placed all the major activity hubs—the café, the training room, and a multi-purpose lounge—on one floor. In addition, we created a standard floorplan for all the main work areas, including centralized waste, copy centers, and hospitality centers, all with unique graphics to differentiate each department.

Sophisticated Aesthetics

By mixing bright whites with warm wood tones and vibrant neon, we created an ambiance that’s at once sophisticated and inviting. Whimsical geometric patterns create visual interest, while modern lighting and refined furniture vignettes add comfort and style. Intentional graphics and artwork reinforce the company’s mission.