Building an Innovation Incubator
Client Chicago Connectory by Bosch and 1871
Location Chicago, IL
Size 18,741 SF
Project Type Internet of Things (IoT) Incubator + Coworking Space

On the Move

Since adaptability would be key to the space’s success, we created architectural features that can easily move with changes in work flow. These include an ideation room with a wall of pivoting glass doors that open into the main space, accommodating overflow. Lining the room are versatile worktables—all able to fold and roll away. Along the perimeter of the office, we created zones with demountable partitions to delineate space for future startups.

Technology Upgrade

Creating a leading-edge technology experience can be challenging, especially in an open office that lacks architectural infrastructure. To solve this problem, we gave people easy access to power through retractable cords that extend from the ceiling. With Wi-Fi-enabled A/V systems, people can access any screen from anywhere. Throughout the space you’ll find plenty of IoT, app-based amenities, including a smartphone entry-access system, Wi-Fi-enabled mirrors that display custom information, and a smart coffee machine.

Elements of Style

To create a tech-forward environment, we didn’t have to sacrifice warmth and beauty. A wall with interchangeable graphics that highlight the Connectory’s partners and sponsors greets visitors to the space. We’ve achieved a gallery effect with student artwork on display, along with IoT products from members of the incubator. Groupings of modern furniture in vibrant colors tie the whole space together and give people comfortable places to work or have conversations.