Creating a Welcoming Headquarters to Inspire Creativity and Growth
Client Whitney
Location Chicago, IL
Size 9,300 SF
Project Type Relocation

Focusing on Flexibility

Our industry is unique because our daily work activities frequently change, requiring different spatial solutions. We welcomed the opportunity to rethink how we could empower people to choose where they could work, so our design team decided to focus on a flexible, activity-based work environment. This turning point was an opportunity for a complete rebrand that would carry Whitney into the future.

Extending a Warm Welcome

Upon arrival, you are welcomed into the heart of our space—a work café bustling with activity and designed to showcase the hospitality we extend to visitors and staff. It reinforces our client-focused approach to business and highlights an eclectic blend of our talented professionals. The rich colors, layered textures, and mix of materials are warm and inviting, offering a sophisticated aesthetic with a residential design flair. The spirit of the space is approachable and exudes a sense of home.

Encouraging Creativity to Flow

As artists and creators who design spaces that improve people’s lives, having a space that allows creativity to flow was critical. When you navigate our workspace, every inch is meticulously detailed to outfit a functional work environment and enhance each user’s experience. Small groupings of benching stations anchor the open office and are thoughtfully divided with an architectural buffer offering staff smaller, more intimate “neighborhood” environments. The balance of the space includes quiet cars, a variety of meeting room layouts and sizes, a resource library, and team project garages to support our daily tasks.

Increasing Community Impact

Our move to the city will allow us to make a more substantial impact on the Chicago community. The goal is to encourage our entire organization to utilize public transportation. This reduces our carbon footprint, takes cars off the already congested Chicagoland roads, and refocuses our attention on the city itself.

Treating Staff Like Clients

This project provided the unique opportunity to sit on both sides of the table—both as client and design firm.  We treated our staff like clients, engaging them in every aspect of the design and relocation project and trusting the process and each other. It was challenging to guide 40+ subject matter experts with differing personal design preferences through a project such as this. Through committees and change management, the project team curated design ideas from the entire organization, which culminated in our unique new home. Along the way, we gained valuable perspective and empathy for our clients on their own exciting journeys.