Making the Workplace a Center of Attraction
Client Sikich
Location Chicago, IL
Size 22,000 SF
Project Type Corporate Office

From Private to Public

In the investment banking area, we created privacy elements to accommodate the more confidential nature of their work. And, since they work closely with clients, we gave the team high-tech conference rooms where they can easily share presentations with people participating in person and remotely. For the more outgoing Public Relations team, we created a space with plenty of collaborative zones, all with flexible furniture.

Mixing It Up

While it was important to create unique spaces for each team, it was equally important to design spaces where the two groups could mix and mingle. That’s why we created a centralized work café that draws people together and gives them the opportunity to socialize in diverse arrangements of modern seating. We also created a centralized reception area, featuring an undulating baffle ceiling—an eye-catching tribute to the water movement in Lake Michigan.