Designing a Headquarters That’s Made to Merger
Client Kraft Heinz
Location Chicago, IL
Size 175,000SF
Project Type Corporate Headquarters

Staying on Track

To maximize the cost savings Kraft Heinz would realize when it moved downtown, we moved quickly on the project and ensured that all stakeholders were working as a cohesive unit. Given the strict budget and aggressive timeline, designing an environment that captures the essence of both brands was no easy feat. To do this, we employed several cost- and time-saving strategies, including reusing over 3,500 pieces of furniture, equipment, artwork, and technology.

Brand Forward

Throughout the space you’ll find vibrant artifacts that tell the story of both Kraft’s and Heinz’s brand histories. Colorful murals line the walls, while whimsical sculptures attest to marketing campaigns for each company’s products. Modern furniture with a residential vibe populates the space and provides everyone with a comfortable place to work or socialize.