Designing a Stand-Out Office Experience
Client EQ Office and Telos
Location Chicago, IL
Size 7,000 SF
Project Type Willis Tower Spec Suite

Warm Welcome

The centerpiece of the new suite is a multi-functional hospitality hub that people use for everything from snack breaks to cocktail parties. We intentionally placed the hospitality zone in a high-traffic corner of the layout, so people working in the office spaces nearby have easy access. The hospitality space is also a natural transition between public and private areas in the suite. In the ceiling above the space, a grid pattern masks equipment and acts as an eye-catching design element.

Boutique Chic

To give the spec suite a unique yet refined aesthetic, we created a “boutique chic” color palette, defined by bold hues and geometric patterns. This includes a brass-toned motif that repeats in lounge seating frames, triangles in the hospitality backsplash, gold-toned finishes in furniture, and wood laminates. We finished the concrete floors in a warm neutral tone that balances bold accent pieces with the bright walls and ceiling elements.