she is an associate here at whitney. we wanted to know a little more about what she loves, what gets her inspired, what keeps her going. here is a list of five things that nici simply could not live without...

Quite simply this was the first thing that came to mind when I was asked to identify 5 things I love.  We have been together longer than we haven’t been together.  We grew into adults and parents as a team.  We support everything the other one does.  We are NOT the norm and we love that about us.  We have the same values, an insane amount of respect for each other, and we are building our empire.


I love running.  And I hate running (only runners get that).  It’s something I stumbled onto in my adult life and it’s now a part of me.  Look, I am by no means a competitive runner (although if you get on a treadmill next to me just know that we are racing…).  I enjoy the occasional 5 or 10K but more than that I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment running gives me.  It feels great to know that all I need are my legs, a decent pair of shoes, a spectacularly coordinated running outfit and I’m off.  Sometimes when driving I see a sign that says ‘Next Exit 10 Miles’ and I think, ‘I could run that if I had to.’  Running gets in your head and I hope it never leaves.  

It’s the place that comes to mind when I think of relaxing.  It never EVER gets old.  I’ve been going there since I was a teenager and to see my children learn to love and appreciate it as much as I do is solid gold.  The memories made there immeasurable.  This place is quite simply what family is all about.  

Listen, it’s one of my first adult furniture purchases and I love it.  It literally goes with NOTHING in my home and that is just one of many reasons I love it.  It’s soooo fancy and should be one of those pieces that my kids are never allowed to sit on but they love it too and so it’s the place where books are read, snacks are eaten, and forts are made.  Look at how fancy it is…

My family is not Italian and thus our family lasagna recipe veers from what you would typically find in lasagna.  It dates back to my grandmother’s era and most likely was cobbled together by mistake with random ingredients but it’s AMAZING.  I won’t ever order lasagna from a restaurant because it will likely be a ‘real’ lasagna and will only disappoint…and who needs that in their life?! I have forced this meal on my husband and kids and 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.  It goes against everything my Italian husband believes in but he knows not to mess with me on lasagna day.