My favorite accessory

I don’t pack for a vacation or trip without a scarf and I almost always come back with a new one.  I have two full drawers of scarves and they all range from handmade knit scarves to scarves I’ve picked up in various cities around the world on my travels.  I love the patterns and the bright colors.  Each one holds a memory and I can remember back to where and when I found them or who made them for me.  One of my favorite scarves was found on a trip with a girlfriend to Spain in Gaudi’s Parc Guell in Barcelona from a street vendor.  It only cost 5 euros and it goes with everything. 

Thanksgiving weekend

There’s something about Thanksgiving that is just the best to me.  It’s the most relaxing holiday by far and it revolves around three things I love: family, food, and football- and napping.  (okay so that’s four things).  It’s the tradition that I love and I love to spend the day before helping my mom prep food for the following day.  Every year we have the same exact dishes on the menu and every year my mom and cousin try to suggest changing the menu.  It gets unanimously shot down by everyone but cute they try every year.  When all of the cousins were younger, we used to participate in a friendly game of football but now that we are all older and wiser, we realized that if we stay inside we can sit on the couch, watch OTHER people play football and drink wine & beer. 

The ocean

Ever since I can remember, we’ve spent spring breaks and summers in South Carolina at the beach.  I was terrified of the ocean as a kid and finally my dad threw me in one year and then couldn’t get me out.  I love the peace and tranquility the water brings to me.  Each time I walk onto the beach, sit my chair down and sink into the sand I let out a sigh of relief.  It’s incredibly therapeutic and refreshing.  The sun on my face, the smell of sunscreen and salt water, and the waves crashing all imprint happy memories for me.  When our family has spent time here together, there’s a very distinct routine – sleep in, day full of beach time, cocktails, dinner, sleep, repeat.  And I love every minute of it. 

My Le Creuset dutch oven & my cookbooks

Seriously people make fun of me but I refer to Ina Garten and Giada like I know them personally.  Any of the Barefoot Contessa and Giada cookbooks are my go to for recipes of guaranteed delicious food and fairly easy to make.  I think I use my dutch oven to make those dishes at least 2 or 3 times a week.  I like opening an actual book and this is the same reason why I can’t get behind using a Kindle.  Of course I like anyone can Google a recipe on the internet but there’s something great about having the physical book.  You can tell which cookbooks are the most loved based on which ones have stains on the pages and are stuck together.  I even made a cookbook of all of our family recipes that is falling apart from all of its use.  Having a cookbook open with a glass of wine after a long day is my way of unwinding.  I love creating a great meal to enjoy and sit around the table (or on the couch) talking about our days together. 

The Chicago Blackhawks

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge sports fan and in particular I love my Blackhawks.  I grew to like hockey in college (yes they do have hockey at Indiana…) and started following the Hawks.  When I met my husband, this is something that we instantly loved to share together.  We signed up for partial season tickets and go to games every year – he proposed at one of the games and we played Chelsea Dagger at our wedding.  Needless to say we love our team and spending time together cheering them on at the games.


This is Tim. He is a senior designer here at Whitney & is also part of the brains behind qdesign. We wanted to know a little more about what he loves, what gets him inspired, what keeps him going. Here is a list of five things Tim simply could not live without.


Ask me what I’m doing this weekend, and chances are that it will involve me going to see some sort of live music. There are few things I enjoy more than going to a show with a group of friends and getting lost in the music. I listen to music when I start my day, while I’m at work, and when I’m winding down for the night. It’s the soundtrack of my life.

My camping gear

All I need is my tent, a backpack with snacks and supplies, my dog, and my pocket knife. Nature inspires me and the seclusion clears my mind. Time seems to slow down and the daily distractions of modern life fade away. I’ve been known to pack my bag and disappear into the wilderness for a few days.


My camera

The art of capturing a moment has always amazed me. If I wasn’t busy being a designer, I’d definitely be knocking on National Geographic’s door begging for a photo job. I take my camera with me on all of my adventures. Looking through the lens forces me to pay attention to the details and see things differently. My favorite things to photograph are landscapes and textures.

My Bic Cristal pen

This is my essential tool. Some people prefer the Pilot Razor Point or Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip, but not me. Give me a Bic Cristal and let the good times roll. Black, blue, red, or green, it does not matter. Shaped like a pencil with that thick ink that “writes first time, every time”…it’s perfect. The Bic Cristal is the medium between the ideas floating around in my head and the paper where those ideas begin to come to life. Fun fact: the hole in the top of the pen’s cap is there to reduce the risk of choking if the cap is inhaled. (I’m guilty of chewing on the cap…bad habit.)

My Old Kentucky Home

Louisville, to be exact. It’s where I was born and raised, it’s where most of my family still lives, it’s forever home. If you ever meet someone from the Commonwealth of Kentucky, you’ll know it, because they won’t stop talking about it. We are a loud and proud people. Whether I’m enjoying the local watering hole in the city, betting on the ponies at the race track, or hiking the Red River Gorge, the Bluegrass State is where I find refuge.



she is an associate here at whitney. we wanted to know a little more about what she loves, what gets her inspired, what keeps her going. here is a list of five things that nici simply could not live without...

Quite simply this was the first thing that came to mind when I was asked to identify 5 things I love.  We have been together longer than we haven’t been together.  We grew into adults and parents as a team.  We support everything the other one does.  We are NOT the norm and we love that about us.  We have the same values, an insane amount of respect for each other, and we are building our empire.


I love running.  And I hate running (only runners get that).  It’s something I stumbled onto in my adult life and it’s now a part of me.  Look, I am by no means a competitive runner (although if you get on a treadmill next to me just know that we are racing…).  I enjoy the occasional 5 or 10K but more than that I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment running gives me.  It feels great to know that all I need are my legs, a decent pair of shoes, a spectacularly coordinated running outfit and I’m off.  Sometimes when driving I see a sign that says ‘Next Exit 10 Miles’ and I think, ‘I could run that if I had to.’  Running gets in your head and I hope it never leaves.  

It’s the place that comes to mind when I think of relaxing.  It never EVER gets old.  I’ve been going there since I was a teenager and to see my children learn to love and appreciate it as much as I do is solid gold.  The memories made there immeasurable.  This place is quite simply what family is all about.  

Listen, it’s one of my first adult furniture purchases and I love it.  It literally goes with NOTHING in my home and that is just one of many reasons I love it.  It’s soooo fancy and should be one of those pieces that my kids are never allowed to sit on but they love it too and so it’s the place where books are read, snacks are eaten, and forts are made.  Look at how fancy it is…

My family is not Italian and thus our family lasagna recipe veers from what you would typically find in lasagna.  It dates back to my grandmother’s era and most likely was cobbled together by mistake with random ingredients but it’s AMAZING.  I won’t ever order lasagna from a restaurant because it will likely be a ‘real’ lasagna and will only disappoint…and who needs that in their life?! I have forced this meal on my husband and kids and 3 out of 4 isn’t bad.  It goes against everything my Italian husband believes in but he knows not to mess with me on lasagna day.