5:00am: My alarm goes off. I promptly hit the snooze button (at least) twice.

5:25am: Ok, ok, I’m up. Let’s do this. It’s Friday!

6:00am: I walk out the door and am headed downtown to work remotely from our satellite office. The weather could not be more perfect…it’s 75 degrees out and I’m able to catch the tail end of the sunrise while waiting for my train to arrive at the Wilson el platform.

6:10am: I sit down on the train and catch up on work emails from my phone so that I can hit the ground running when I get to the office.

6:30am: I get off the train at the Grand stop. I’ve got a short 1-block walk to the office but first I need some caffeine.

6:32am: On my way to Starbucks I notice a column outside of Jewel-Osco with some amazing glazed tile which I can only assume is original to the building. I quickly snap a pic to stash away for future project inspiration.

6:40am: Arrival at Tree Studios.  I pass a window on my way in where I catch a glimpse of the beautiful courtyard and make my way to Studio #19.  Tree Studios was built over 20 years following the 1893 World’s Fair as a way to entice artists to return to Chicago.  For over a century the studios were workshops to some of Chicago’s great artists. Every time I am here, I can’t help but wonder who spent time in our studio and what they were creating.

6:45am: My laptop is set up for the day. I organize my email inbox a bit more and create a checklist.  I spend a few minutes catching up on timesheets and expense reports, then I get started on some space plan revisions that came out of a client meeting yesterday.

8:30am: Quick break to grab some coffee down the hall.  I admire some of the vintage flooring on my way. Designers have a thing with floors.

9:00am: Skype call to review a project schedule with one of my studio-mates.

9:20am: Time for some heads down work.  There’s only one other person at the satellite office today and we both embrace the peace and quiet.

11:40am: Lunchtime.  I walk over to one of our favorite lunch spots, Sweetgreen, which is only about 75 feet from the front door of our building.  The place is bright and sunny, and I spot some more beautiful tile. Starting to realize I’m easily distracted by pretty finishes.

12:00pm: Back at it.  I spend the afternoon working through some more space plans, updating a project budget, and returning a few phone calls. Killing the checklist I put together earlier!

2:30pm: I made it through my list for the day.  Thanks to Whitney’s Friday flex hours, I pack up my bag and head towards the train.

3:00pm: Home sweet home. I throw some laundry in the washing machine, tidy up my apartment, and get dressed for the gym.  Before I’m out the door, I sit down to answer a few last work emails and Skype chat about next week’s task list with some co-workers.

6:00pm: Back from the gym and I switch into weekend mode.  The weather is still beautiful outside so I spend some time on our back porch before grabbing dinner with some friends.

9:30pm: Bedtime after watching a little TV.  Yep, in bed before 10 on a Friday.  Judge away!  It was a busy week.  Zzzzz


Written by our downtown native: Courtney Zastrow