Class Adjourned | Millennials & the Transition from Classroom to Office

Many corporate executives remember what it was like to trade in their school books for meetings and cubicles. For some millennials, it may be overwhelming to transition from the flexible college schedule to a full time job. Although this is a challenging adjustment for all, the workplace environment is actually quite similar to the educational atmosphere which, most do not realize, aids the transition. 

A typical college student attends classes, completes their homework and tasks, returns home, falls asleep, wakes up for class and the cycle repeats. This cycle actually mimics the typical workday. This schedule, along with many other societal patterns & habits, is an example of how young students unknowingly train their minds to mature and adjust to adult responsibility and pattern. College life requires teamwork, focus, time management, and even allows for some fun. A successful work ethic and company culture requires these same skills. 

As we employ these skills on a day to day basis, it is important to promote improvement and education in the workplace as well. Whether through human interaction, collaboration, experiences or new-technologies, it is in our human nature to crave the same growth we had engrained in college life. Nowadays, even the design of our office spaces can greatly promote or hinder workplace efficiency or help the millennial transition from college to work. 

For example, as more and more work environments change to open-concept floor plans, prominent figures and executives in companies are being viewed as more approachable. Being able to interact more with each other puts more emphasis on training, collaboration, and learning. With an open, equitable floor plan, millennials quickly become comfortable with their surroundings. They are more able to share with others the new ideas they've learned from school and better align different mindsets and personalities which could prove to be a large asset to any company or team. 

Written by one of our very own Millennials: Maria Vondrasek