a day in the life

5:15am – alarm.  I hate you.

5:25-6:30am – a blur of caffeine, kids, clothes, dog, lunches, more caffeine, car seats and sweating. 

7:00am – enter the office along with a few others.  We don’t make eye contact. (We are the early birds). More caffeine. Why is it so dark in the mornings? What am I wearing? Mental note: I need to step up my fashion game.

7:05am – commence dissecting email.  Make a fancy to do list which includes boxes to check off items as completed (include one item that you’ve already done so you can automatically check something off…’you are nailing your day!’)

8am – the rest of the studio begins to arrive.  The magic starts to happen! Creative minds assemble!!

9am – all hands on deck breakfast meeting.  We talk about what happened last weekend? What’s going to hit this week?  Who is working on what?  Who is drowning and needs assistance?   Refrain from getting a second helping of bacon.

10am – Design charrette in the library.  Solving all of the world’s problems one reception desk at a time.  Feeling inspired…should have put that on my check list.  Where is my check list?!

11am – Check list located.   Still only one thing checked off…hmmm.  Squeeze in some email responses. There is a buzz about the office as people are collaborating and innovating!  Head into a team meeting.

12pm – Leave team meeting with action items.  A lot of action items.   Add to check list.  3 missed calls.  Eat lunch at desk…it includes leftover bacon from breakfast you swore you wouldn’t eat.  Sigh. Vendor drops off cupcakes for the office…The Struggle Is REAL.

1pm – Construction drawing review.  Remember how much you love/hate door and hardware schedules.  Wait!...your kid’s school is calling your cell phone!!!  (Don’t be a sick kid.  DO NOT be a sick kid…) Whew…just a reminder about family movie night. Eat a cupcake.

1:50 pm – Honestly…where is my check list?!

2:00pm – Conference call = multitasking = meeting minutes = emails = submittal review = review of check list.  Not a lot of ‘checking’ happening on said list…UGH.

3pm – Transfer conference call to my cell phone.  Exit office to commence kid pickup. Try to adhere to traffic laws.

4-11pm - a blur of kids, baseball games, tutoring, dog, dinner, maybe consume cocktail(s), showers, pajamas, sweating, email, more email, review of checklist (boo..looks like I can reuse the same checklist tomorrow).

11:01pm – zzzzz

5:15am – alarm.  I hate you.


Written by our early-bird list maker: Nici Nilles